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Coya’s focus is on generating safe, tolerable, and efficacious therapeutics that minimally burden the patient and caregiver and exponentially improve outcomes over the current standard of care

A 5-minute infusion in an outpatient facility with patients leaving the office within 1 – 2 hours. Proprietary technology enables multiple infusions over the course of the year

A limiting feature of Tregs has been their instability and inability to cryopreserve for maintenance therapy. Coya has perfected this process allowing a patient to be treated long term with highly viable and neuroprotective cells

Coya’s Technology

Proprietary Platform Technology and Scalable Manufacturing Process Overcomes Supply Chain Management Barriers

TAI™ (Tregs Against Inflammation) platform offers potential therapeutic approaches to address the unmet and significant medical needs of patients with ALS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, FTD and other neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases.

     Proprietary Platform
1. Collection

Draw one-time sample from patient
2. Convert & Expand

Coya’s CTregTM platform (cryopreservation for Tregs) is the first in the industry to convert dysfunctional Tregs to functional Tregs and expand to the billions of cells

No genetic manipulation required
3. Cryopreserve

Cryopreserve Tregs for one year of monthly maintenance infusions
4. Ship, Thaw & Administer

Ship cells to outpatient infusion center

Thaw cells and provide monthly recurring infusions to patient allowing for an ‘off the shelf’ Treg cell therapy that has not been feasible to date

Dr. Stanley Appel “Patients with neurodegenerative diseases are in desperate need of transformative therapeutic options; harnessing the neuro-protective effects of Treg cell therapy shows great promise in unlocking a new treatment paradigm and will enable us to revolutionize care for patients with devastating neurodegenerative diseases.”


Clinical Trials

Check back regularly for updates on upcoming trials.

Advocacy groups

We hope you'll find guidance through the numerous advocacy groups who offer valuable education and support to individuals, and their families, diagnosed with neurodegenerative disorders.
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